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We are Ryerson University's Faculty of Community Services Society (FCSS). Formerly the Ryerson Community Services Society (RCSS). We are a society of dedicated student leaders from across the 9 schools in the Faculty of Community Services (FCS). We are a steering committee forming the umbrella organization for FCS. We are a student led committee that is here to ensure the future of student life within FCS remains a unified, connected, and strong community for generations to come. 


What We Do

We focus our efforts to organize, foster, and deliver events which impact a student in four areas of their university journey; professional development, academics, student wellness, and most importantly unity.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support and enhance the student experience under the four pillars Academics, Unity, Professional Development, and Well-Being. We are creating a platform for cross-program collaboration, opportunities for student social innovation, that are guided by the needs of our student community.

Our Objective is to work plus connect with students within the Faculty of Community Services to create, fund, and build the community, and unity we all want to see in our undergraduate studies.

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The FCSS Steering Committee 2020-21


Social Work Jr. 

Kennedy Byron

Kennedy is heading into her second year of Social Work. She is passionate about creating authentic and equitable connections within the faculty and beyond. She hopes to continually create an inclusive place for all.


Social Work Sr. 


Nidhi Jose

Nidhi is a heading into her 4th year of Social Work. She is passionate about enhancing student engagement and diversity.

May-January 2021

Child & Youth Care 

Fatima Fatima

Fatima is heading into her fourth year. She is passionate about creating memorable and inclusive experiences to support students' engagement at Ryerson.



Chair of the Academics Subcommittee

Prasha Sivasudaram

Prasha is in the four year collaboration stream situated at Ryerson. She is passionate about engagement among everyone within our faculty.



Chair of the Events Subcommittee

Arsh Braich

Arsh is heading into her third year of the 4 year Ryerson Nursing Collaboration Stream. Arsh is passionate about connecting community and planning social events.



Midwifery Voice Representatice

Kawsar Yassin

Kawsar is going into her third year of Midwifery. Kawsar is passionate about helping create an equal and equitable community for all part-time students of the faculty.


Alumni Rep

SURP Voice Representative

Sadia Tariq

Sadia Tariq is heading into her fourth year in Urban Planning. Sadia is passionate about creating recreational, and community building events.


Urban Planning 

Internal Affairs Coordinator, External Affairs Liaison, Chair of the Governance/Policy Subcommittee, and Co-Lead Referendum Coordinator

Jacob Circo

Jacob is heading into his fourth year of Urban Planning. He is passionate about government structure, and politics. 



Vice-Chair of Student Wellness on the Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Subcommittee

Anette  Boersma

Anette Boersma is in Early Childhood Studies. She is passionate about wellness/well-being by creating open community events and spaces.



Occupational Health & Safety Jr.

Vice-Chair of the Events Subcommittee

Kirthega Jeevanathan

Kirthega is entering her first year of Occupational Health and Safety. She is passionate about connecting individuals within Ryerson's Community Services Faculty.


Public Health & Safety

Karen Huang

Karen Huang is a fourth year Public Health and Safety student and the PHSCU president. Karen is passionate about connecting students across the faculty through networking and social events.  



Volunteer Engagement Coordinator

Fariha  Kibria

Fariha is going into her fourth year of Nutrition. Fariha is passionate about creating educational events, and networking opportunities within the faculty.


Urban Planning 

Trinity Ho

Trinity is a second year SURP student passionate about making a more inclusive, and diverse undergrad experience.


Disability Studies 

Rosina Isabella

Rosie is in the Disability Studies program within FCS. Rosie is passionate about creating a safe community for all abilities. 


Marketing Chair

Frosh Planning Subcommittee Chair,  Associate Vice-Chair of the Events Subcommittee and Co-Lead Referendum Coordinator

Daniel Barkin

Daniel is going into his second year of SURP. His role is creating the visual communication aspects, marketing, and facilitation of RCSS community wide. 


Occupational Health & Safety Sr.

Kyle Frame

Kyle Frame is in his fourth year of Occupational Health as the president of the OHSCU. He is passionate abut connecting the occupational health community together with the rest of the Faculty of Community Services.


Nursing Jr.

Rido Creer

Rido is in his first year of the collaborative nursing program. Rido is passionate about creating memorable experiences within our faculty, supporting student success, and engagement.


Nursing Jr.


Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Associate Dean

Dr. Nadya Burton

Overseeing development of the undergraduate student society.


FCS Staff

Dani Gomez-Ortega

Dani is the Head of Student Experience in the Faculty of Community Services Deans' Office.


Society Exec Committee Members

The Team


Dani Gomez-Ortega is a member of faculty who over looks our roles and manages our committee.
Marketing Chair
Daniel Barkin is a first year student in the School of Urban and Regional Planning.
CYC Senior Rep
Amy Mather is a third year student in CYC.
DS Rep
Rosina Isabella is a student in DS.
Sahra Yousuf is a student in ECS.
Midwifery Rep
Evelyne Russel is a student in Midwifery.
Nursing Rep
Arsh Braich is a student in Nursing Collaborative Stream. Arsh is one of two Nursing Representatives.
Nursing Rep
Prasha Sivasudaram is a Nursing student in the Collaboration Stream.
Nutrition Rep
Fariha Kibria is a student in Nutrition.
Evita Pinero is a fourth year student within SOPHE. Evita is a current Occupational Health Exec on SOPHE Course Union.
Social Work Rep
Zaynab Dhalla is a current student in the BSW program here in FCS.
Jacob Circo is a third year SURP student who is on the current Senate and 2019-20 RAPS Course Union.
Sadia Tariq is a current fourth year student in SURP.
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Email: rcss@ryerson.ca

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The FCSS is committed to the constant inclusion of students from marginalized communities. We strive to create inclusive spaces that collectively brings diverse perspectives to the circle. 

You can read more about FCSS JEDI by clicking referendum tab and then clicking community inclusion.

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Faculty of Community Services Society
Frosh Chair,  Assoc Vice-Chair of Events Subcommittee and Co-Lead Referendum Coordinator