FCS O-Week History

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FCS faculty-wide Orientation started in 2017 by the dean's office of the Faculty of Community Services. In 2018 the responsibility of the social aspect of orientation known as (Frosh) was given to the steering committee of the Faculty of Community Services Society-FCSS formerly known as the Ryerson Community Services Society-RCSS. In 2020 we hosted our first Online Frosh which was 10 days long. The two weeks ended being a huge success with a lot of positive feedback from year one's. This year we wanted to hopefully expand our in-person frosh and make it 4 days long. We created a dedicated spirit and orientation committee called the FCS UNITY SQUAD that will more strongly impact the Faculty of Community Services one event/mob at a time. That's if the pandemic gets better by the time our O-Week rolls around. Check out our Faculty Traditions!!