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FRIGHT WEEK!                            October 26, 2020
Rye Fright Night:                           October 29, 2020
DIY Costumes:                              October 30, 2020
Halloween Movie Night:                October 31, 2020
Wellness Week!                           November 2-6, 2020
Yoga + Meditation Class:              November 2, 2020
Wellness Panel x SMASH:            November 4, 2020
Psychotherapist Session:              November 6, 2020
Madness Month!                          November 9-27, 2020 
Lunch + Learn:                              November 16, 2020
November Town Hall:                    November, 24, 2020
December Town Hall:                    December 2, 2020
Holiday Spirit Week!                   December 21-25, 2020
Hot Chocolate Social:                   TBA
Cozy Movie Night:                        TBA
Ugly Sweater Social:                    TBA
Carnaval of FCS:                          TBA
NEW YEARS Social!                    January 1, 2020
Launch Party:                                January 8, 2020
FCS Public Policy:                         January 14, 2020
FCS Lecture Series:                      January 18, 2020
FCS Town Hall:                              January 21, 2020


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The FCSS is committed to the constant inclusion of students from marginalized communities. We strive to create inclusive spaces that collectively brings diverse perspectives to the circle. 

You can read more about FCSS EDI by clicking referendum tab and then clicking community inclusion.

Equity Statement
Faculty of Community Services Society