Ryerson Community Services Frosh

What is Frosh?

RYERSON COMMUNITY SERVICES SOCIETY FROSH is the most nostalgic opportunity of your university career! 10 days of lively activities, competitions, aesthetics, and socials you will remember for a life-time! You'll meet new friends in your program, cross faculty's, and get to network with over 50 upper-year students in FCS. 

What is the Admission?



Wellness and Security

Your wellness and security is of the highest importance to us.

Make sure to listen to your Frosh Leaders instructions in all of our events and enjoy yourself. As well stay with your cohort program groups for competitions and other challenges.


This year Ryerson Community Services Society (RCSS) is taking an online approach to our annual Frosh due to COVID-19 health, travel concerns, and safety guidelines of Public Health Ontario. 




Help us foster creativity, growth, sustainability, and a vibrantly engaged community by shooting us an email or following our social media.

Email: rcss@ryerson.ca

Facebook: @rcssociety

Instagram: @rcssociety

Twitter: @rcssociety

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The FCSS is committed to the constant inclusion of students from marginalized communities. We strive to create inclusive spaces that collectively brings diverse perspectives to the circle. 

You can read more about FCSS EDI by clicking referendum tab and then clicking community inclusion.

Equity Statement
Faculty of Community Services Society