Faculty of Community Services Society Frosh

What is Frosh?

FACULTY OF COMMUNITY SERVICES SOCIETY FROSH is the most nostalgic opportunity of your university career! 5 days of lively activities, competitions, aesthetics, and socials you will remember for a life-time! You'll meet new friends in your program, cross faculty's, and get to network with over 200+ upper-year students in FCS. 


The Faculty of Community Services Society is following Public Health Ontario's recommendations. The Hybrid Option of our annual frosh is being capped this year at 200 participants per group for a total of 400. 

As we are finding creative ways to increase these current limitations we know that not all students will get to take part in on-campus frosh. The Faculty of Community Services is the university's second largest faculty with over 8,200+ students. thats roughly 1,800 students per year. 


The current FCSS is not funded by the students. Your tuition does not pay for the FCSS activities, initatives, or projects. Although other faculty's may recieve huge gift bags those students pay a levy greater than $62.00-100+ a year into their student society, the current limitations of FCSS we cannot fund such an initiative, although we would love to in the near future. 

What is the Admission?


Wellness and Security

Your wellness and security is of the highest importance to us.

Make sure to listen to your Frosh Leaders instructions in all of our events and enjoy yourself. As well stay with your cohort program groups for competitions and other challenges.


This year Ryerson Community Services Society (RCSS) is taking an online and hybrid approach to our annual Frosh due to COVID-19 health, travel concerns, and safety guidelines of Public Health Ontario.