FCS O-Week Spirit and Orientation 

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Under Construction

Registration for your O-Week Frosh experience opens soon! Emails will be sent to you! Follow our Social Media @rcssociety for all rapid updates regarding FCSS and frosh before anyone else!

FACULTY OF COMMUNITY SERVICES SOCIETY FROSH is turning 5 years old this year! Frosh is the most nostalgic opportunity of your university career! 6 days of lively activities, competitions, aesthetics, and socials you will remember for a life-time! You'll meet new friends in your program, cross faculty's, and get to network with over 100+ upper-year students in FCS. 

Read more about Toronto Under Construction Frosh Here:

 We are building community in:

  1. School of Urban and Regional Planning
  2. School of Social Work
  3. School of Occupational and Public Health
  4. School of Nutrition
  5. School of Midwifery
  6. School of Early Childhood Studies
  7. School of Child and Youth Care
  8. School of Disability Studies
  9. Daphne Cockwell School of Nursing

These schools together makeup the Faculty of Community Services

Thanks to our Partners for this frosh:

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