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Ryerson Community Services Society

The Faculty of Community Services is the last faculty to form a undergraduate student society at Ryerson University. We are a committee that wants to build from ground up a accessible, diverse, innovative, and sustainable undergraduate community that leaves no one behind. All other student societies have failed to include their part-time students in their referendums, advocacy, and community. 


We want to change that because we strongly believe in equity and voice for all. Everyone deserves a right to be represented in faculty-wide stakeholders, faculty-wide events, faculty-wide subsides/student benefits that will save you money, faculty-wide initiatives, and their faculty student society community. 

We are striving to be the first student society at Ryerson University to represent both full time and part time students.

We want to advocate for you by you on the faculty-level within the Faculty of Community Services. We want to know your needs in a very beautifully unique environment to create a supportive plus innovative part time student community within FCS.

Your Community is Ours.

We Are The Changemakers Of Tomorrow

Ryerson Community Services Society

Part-Time Steering Committee

Kawsar Yassin

Kawsar Yassin is a part-time student, and mother in Midwifery. Kawsar is passionate about making a equitable, represented, and sustainable undergraduate community for all.

Kawsar Yassin

Rosina Isabella

Rosie is a part-time student in Disability Studies. Rosie is super passionate about making an accessible and unified community within DS, plus FCS for all part-time and full-time students.

Dentist Office

Health Plan



ABOUT THIS BOOKLET This booklet provides a summary of your benefits under your benefit plan. It includes:

• A Table of Contents, to allow easy and quick access to the information you are looking for.

• A Schedule of Benefits, listing all the deductibles, co-pays and maximums that may impact the amount paid to you.

• A Definitions section, to explain common terms used throughout the booklet.

• Detailed benefit descriptions for each benefit in your group benefits plan.

• Information you need to submit a claim You are encouraged to read this booklet carefully; please keep it in a safe place so that you may refer to it when submitting claims.

Mental Health Support

Ryerson Counseling Services

Centre for student development and counseling.


Student mental health support created by students.

Jack.Org Ryerson Chapter

Student mental heath support created by students


Ryerson wellness and mental health program for part-time and full-time students.

global health dcc.PNG


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The RCSS is committed to the constant inclusion of students from marginalized communities. We strive to create inclusive spaces that collectively brings diverse perspectives to the circle. 

You can read more about RCSS EDI by clicking referendum tab and then clicking community inclusion.

Equity Statement
Ryerson Community Services Society