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Ever wonder why other Faculty's at Ryerson University have such cool Socials, Opportunities, Academic Support, Conferences, Events, Hundreds of Networking Opportunities, Ryerson Faculty Themed Merch (Bay and Dundas, Empowering Liberal Arts), and a very strong sense of Unity, Community, plus Pride? In order to have all these outstanding opportunities to enhance plus elevate our entire faculty's education we must have a sustainably funded levied Students' Society. 

Next Fall in 2021 the FCSS formerly the RCSS will be moving into referendum phase which means FCS students will have the opportunity to vote "Yes, Abstain, or No" for a fully fledged sustainable Faculty Students' Society. If majority students vote "No" then the next chance for the Faculty of Community Services to have a referendum for a students' society will be in 6ish years from now.

Community Consultation 

Sustainable Funded Faculty Societies 

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FCS Students' Society Survey Results

Survey Data

The Faculty of Community Services Society has done multiple surveys in the past, and quite recently with very high plus similar results for in favor of having a Sustainable Students' Society for student life. 

In this survey 1250 students took part on a Ryerson voting poll. Meaning each student could have only voted once through their Ryerson Emails.  

1223 voted in favor while 25 students were unsure, and 2 students said no.

At the start of winter semester in 2021 the FCSS put out a new student life survey.

We recieved a total of 1,289 participants in both full-time degree, and part-time degree students.


As you can see the results of this survey are very simillar to the one back in 2018. 

Over 96.5% of students in FCS are in favour of paying a small levy fee to get more student life, unity, academic advocacy, mental health resources, and professional development.   

To find out of all the benefits please scroll down to the bottom of this page.

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FCSS Student Life Survey Full-Time Rsult
FCSS Student Life Survey Full-Time Rsult

FCS Student Population Growth 2018-2022

The Faculty of Community Services is currently in a growth phase. In 2016 FCS total undergraduate population was roughly 5000. In 2022 FCS is expected to have roughly 9,000+ undergraduate students.

The FCS population for 2020-21 is 8,226 undergraduate students.

From the incoming first year population being greater than 2,300+ it is a safe estimate we can see between 8,400-8,800 undergraduate FCS students by 2021-2022 academic year.

All data is from the University

Total Student Population Projection FCS

Undergraduate Student Life BUDGET VS. BUDGET

Largest Undergraduate Faculty to Smallest.
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Cost Center Model + Financial Transparency

Cost Center

The Faculty of Community Services Society-FCSS will be fully incorporated within Ryerson University in a model known as cost center. As the name suggests money will be stored in Ryerson Bank accounts instead of an external bank account for the society.

There is no possible way for a Faculty Student Society to misuse fees for opportunities not benefiting their collective faculty student body. All funds will constantly go through the deans office to make sure all funds are getting spent properly.

Financial Transparency 

It is mandated that our future Faculty of Community Services Society-FCSS upload our operating budget onto our website.


An example would be www.trssociety.ca/finances

 What's Possible With A Sustainable Funding Base

For the past years we have been compiling a list with every new member added. The list you are about to see has a ton of thought into it with consultation from all groups within FCS. The list is grouped by our societies four pillars (Academics, Career Development, Unity, and Wellness/Well-being). All of the points is what we could offer in a year sustainably if there was sustainable funding coming from us the students.


  • Academic Skills Workshops

  • Additional Course Help (Peer Tutoring)

  • Advocacy on paid placements/co-op

  • Bi-weekly Workshops

  • Free Certificates (CPR, LEED, Ect.)

  • Interdisciplinary Conferences

  • Inter-professional learning 

  • Leadership Conferences

  • Paying for groups going to a Conference

  • Lunch and learns

  • Study Night Sessions

  • Subsidizing Program Material Expenses 

  • Supports for Academic Appeal Process

  • Transition Seminars

  • Year End Showcase (YES FCS)

Career Development:

  • Alumni Networking

  • Alumni Workshops

  • Career Week

  • Career Carousel Nights

  • Cross Faculty Competitions

  • Career Focused Events

  • Cross University Competitions

  • FCS Marketplace

  • FCS Zone (Zone Learning)

  • Global Health Seminars

  • Hemp Workshops

  • Job Networking

  • Leadership Opportunities

  • Professor x Student Networking

  • Program Specific Career Fairs

  • Project Funding

  • LinkedIn Workshops

  • Skill Sharing Spaces

  • Social Innovation Opportunities

  • Student Networking

  • Student Social-Entrepreneurship


  • Alumni Association for FCS

  • Club Funding

  • Communication and Publication

  • Commuter Social Mixers

  • Course Union Funding

  • Days of Recognition

  • DCC Student-led Cafe

  • FCS Coffee House

  • FCS Student Lounge

  • FCS Specialized TVs in DCC

  • Faculty Merch (Spirit Wear)

  • Fall Formal

  • Frosh Kits

  • Graduation Gala

  • Initiative Fundraisers

  • Intramurals (Sports + Arts)

  • Leadership Opportunities

  • Mature Student Mixers

  • More Collaborating Course Union Events

  • New Student Groups under FCS

  • Nightlife Events

  • Online Events

  • Open Mics

  • Printing Services

  • Pub Nights

  • Recreational events

  • Silent Disco

  • Socials

  • Spirit Weeks

  • Student Group Marketing

  • Student Social Mixers

  • Talent Shows

  • Themed frosh

  • Traffic Light Party

  • Volunteer Opportunities

  • Weekly FCS Events

  • Wine and Cheese Events

  • Winter Gala

Gala Table
Golden Retriever


  • Art Nights

  • Care Packages

  • DIY Lunches

  • Emergency FCSS Student Relief Fund

  • Equity Supports

  • Massage Therapy

  • Meditation

  • Mental Health Supports

  • Paying for students who may be in difficulty hardships due to health or family concerns.

  • Praying/Multi Faith Room

  • Paint Lunches

  • Reading Rooms

  • Therapy Cats

  • Therapy Dogs

  • Wellness Events

  • Wellness Supports

  • Yoga

  • Zen Room

  • Zumba