Frosh Traditions 


Lab Coat

Lab Coats (referred to as “Coats”) are a tradition among many health faculty’s all across Canada. When we graduate and become professional urban health professionals, policymakers, planners, changemakers, health care specialists, teachers, and doctors, we often are the ones keeping the backbones of society afloat. To remember and respect the public health professionals, doctors, and scientists who created our collective community services fields we wear lab coats (and scrubs) to symbolize that the history of health is always evolving from the heart of us all. These coats will be seen far and wide during frosh, and at FCSS spirit related events. They are embellished with a big FCSS patch on the front, a leader’s nickname and whatever patches/decorations a leader chooses to put on them to express themselves. Lab coats are usually highly personalized and can often represent someone’s interests, community services experiences, and creativity quite well. 

coats background.png

Silent Disco

A popular FCSS tradition is our annual silent disco rave during SLC Live! FCS Health students know how to party and we love to show off to the other faculty's how vibrant our nightlife can get. 

Make sure to wear blue, and gold or our faculty merch to this event! 

Left Juice Bar

The Juice Bar

A Faculty tradition is The Juice Bar which may happen sporadically throughout an entire year!

The Juice Bar is a perfect spot to enjoy a refresher in class, or at an event. They tend to be at odd occasions so keep yours eyes pealed for this rare traditional find.

Right Juice Bar


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